About Our Company

About Our Company

Angelique & Friends was an entertainment booking agency serving destination-management companies, production companies, event planners, bridal consultants and private individuals from 1997 - 2008. Angelique was booking world dance and music even earlier, beginning in 1994. A & F entertainers and clients were in several major US cities.

We booked all styles of music and dance from every region of the world. We also booked many types of specialty talent, including deejays, emcees, comedians, impersonators, tribute bands, magicians and promotional models.

History of the Company: How it all began

Angelique & Friends began in the early 1990’s, when Angelique produced many Middle-Eastern and multi-cultural dance shows and events. She met a large number of musicians, dancers and other performers, and discovered she had a real knack for helping them all network together. The 1995 the Angelique & Friends website that publicized Phoenix-area music and dance performances and highlighted local talent.

One day in the late nineties, after Angelique had referred a third job to the excellent Phoenix-area belly-dancer Jazmine, the dancer said, “You’re like an agent. I should send you an agents’ fee.”

Angelique was intrigued by the idea of starting an entertainment agency. She used the skills she acquired in the Editing and Publishing program at Arizona State University and as the editor and publisher of Expression magazine to design a new website, and she began booking Phoenix-area performers.

Within a year, Angelique was receiving calls and e-mail messages from potential clients in several other states. Angelique & Friends was one of the few entertainment agencies with a strong web presence at a time when a new generation of event planners, destination managers and brides wanted to find their entertainment on the Internet.

The company’s strong web presence also inspired talented performers from across the nation to contact Angelique, hoping that she could help connect them with clients. By 2005 Angelique had a roster of over five hundred professional performers and bands based in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Miami,Orlando and other areas.

Angelique & Friends Today

Angelique closed the agency in 2008 to concentrate on teaching entertainers (and others) to promote themselves via blogging and social media. As of 2014, she is on to new projects, which you can read about on the Angelique & Friends Magical Artful Communities website.

You can reach Angelique by phone at 602.735.3107, by or e-mail at angelique@angeliqueandfriends.com.